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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term autumn 2014 is 3385

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SPSPC_SP1bSpecialisation 1b Education of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, in Czech
SPSPC_SP2dSpecialization 2d Teaching the Physically Impaired, in Czech
SPSPC_SP2eSpecialization 2e Teaching of Visually Impaired, in Czech
SPSPC_SP2fSpecialization 2f Teaching People with Behavioral Disorders, in Czech
SPSPC_SPDGSpecial Education Diagnostics, in Czech
SPSPC_ZSP1Introduction to Special Education 1 Education of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, in Czech
SPSPC_ZSP3Introduction to Special Education 3 - Teaching the Hearing Impaired, in Czech
SV4BP_2AB1English for Social Educators - B, in English
SV4BP_2NB1German for Social Educators - B, in German
SV4BP_2RB1Russian for social pedagogues B, in Russian
SV4BP_DeDiHistory of theatre, in Czech
SV4BP_Div1Dramatization in theatre, in Czech
SV4BP_DLITDealing with texts, children and teens literature, in Czech
SV4BP_DT1EDidaktic Technology 1, in Czech
SV4BP_EKOPEnvironmental education for social pedagogy, in Czech
SV4BP_ExOZVisit to the special device, in Czech
SV4BP_FiVPhilosophy of education (lecture), in Czech
SV4BP_FiVSPhilosophy of education (seminar), in Czech
SV4BP_ISPDIntegrative Special Education, in Czech
SV4BP_KPAPSocial and pedagogical anthropology (lecture), in Czech
found: 3385 records, displayed 2481 - 2500