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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term autumn 2014 is 3372

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DT2RC_4SPSServices Network, in Czech
DT2RC_4PSAComputer typography, in Czech
DT2RC_4PSComputer Networks, in Czech
DT2RC_4PRGProgramming - educational projects, in Czech
DT2RC_4JM2Single-chip microprocessors 2, in Czech
DT2RC_4JM1Single-chip microprocessors 2, in Czech
DT2RC_4DSADatabase systems - development of applications, in Czech
DT2RC_4CADCAD - programs for mathematics, in Czech
DT2RC_4BITInformation Technology Security, in Czech
DT2RC_3ZVUSound and computer, in Czech
DT2RC_3UDMCreation and use of educational media, in Czech
DT2RC_3TVPComputer hardware, in Czech
DT2RC_3TISInformation systems technology, in Czech
DT2RC_3PVUComputers in teaching and learning, in Czech
DT2RC_3MKOMedia Communications, in Czech
DT2RC_3GEDGraphic editors, in Czech
DT2RC_3DISData and information systems, in Czech
DT2RC_3DINDidactics Informatics, in Czech
DT2RC_2UAUser interface and EDCL, in Czech
DT2RC_2SSIInternet services, in Czech
found: 3372 records, displayed 2641 - 2660