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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term spring 2014 is 3078

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DCJDR_AAP1Applied Psycholinguistics I, in Czech
CS2RC_LTLUTheory of literature, in Czech
CS2RC_LSZPFinal Thesis Seminar, in Czech
CS2RC_LSVE20th Century World Literature, in Czech
CS2RC_LPNLCzech Literature in Recent Decades, in Czech
CS2RC_LPMLLiterature for Young Adults, in Czech
CS2RC_LDLVMethodology - Teaching Literature, in Czech
CS2RC_L2OSCzech Literature of the 1st Half of the 20th Century, in Czech
CS2RC_JVCJDevelopment of Standard Czech, in Czech
CS2RC_JTSCWord Formation in Czech Language, in Czech
CS2RC_JSZPHow to Write Final Essay (Seminary Cours), in Czech
CS2RC_JSyThe Czech Language Syntax, in Czech
CS2RC_JSlaFundaments of Slavonic Studies, in Czech
CS2RC_JSKoLanguage and communication in the society, in Czech
CS2RC_JMorThe Czech Language Morphology, in Czech
CS2RC_JDiDialectology, in Czech
CS2RC_JDC2The Methodology of the Czech Language 2, in Czech
CJV_ROM3Romany language 3, in Czech
CJV_ROM2Romany language 2, in Czech
CJV_ROM1Romany language 1, in Czech
found: 3078 records, displayed 2641 - 2660