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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term spring 2014 is 3078

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R2MP_SYP2Syntax 2, in Russian
RJ2BK_SYP2Syntax 2, in Russian
RJ2BP_SYP2Syntax 2, in Russian
RJ2MK_SYP2Syntax 2, in Russian
RJ2MP_SYP2Syntax 2, in Russian
RJ2RC_SYP2Syntax 2, in Russian
FJBP_SY2SSyntax 2 - Seminar, in French
FJHC_SY2SSyntax 2 - Seminar, in French
R2BK_SYS2Syntax 2 - Seminar, in Russian
R2BP_SYS2Syntax 2 - Seminar, in Russian
R2MK_SYS2Syntax 2 - Seminar, in Russian
R2MP_SYS2Syntax 2 - Seminar, in Russian
RJ2BK_SYS2Syntax 2 - Seminar, in Russian
RJ2BP_SYS2Syntax 2 - Seminar, in Russian
RJ2MK_SYS2Syntax 2 - Seminar, in Russian
RJ2MP_SYS2Syntax 2 - Seminar, in Russian
RJ2RC_SYS2Syntax 2 - Seminar, in Russian
A2BK_SYNBSyntax B, in English
A2BP_SYNBSyntax B, in English
AJ2RC_SYNBSyntax B, in English
found: 3078 records, displayed 2801 - 2820