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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term autumn 2014 is 3380

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HVDR_SHK1Sociological Aspects of Music Culture 1, in Czech
OV2RC_SLSociology, in Czech
OV2BP_SLSociology - lecture, in Czech
OV3DC_SOCISociology - lecture, in Czech
SV4BP_SOCPSociology (lecture), in Czech
SV4BP_SOCSSociology (seminar), in Czech
OV3BP_SL1Sociology 1-lecture, in Czech
SP4RC_SOSPSociology for Special Educators, in Czech
SP4BK_SOSPSociology for Special Needs Teachers, in Czech
SP2BK_SOSPSociology for Special Pedagogy, in Czech
SP7BP_SOSPSociology for Special Pedagogy, in Czech
HL3BP_SZ1Solo singing 1, in Czech
HL3MP_SZ1Solo singing 1, in Czech
HL3BP_SZ3Solo singing 3, in Czech
HL3MP_SZ3Solo singing 3, in Czech
HL3BP_SZ5Solo singing 5, in Czech
Ma3DC_KMS3Solving of Mathematical Problems, in Czech
MA2MP_SMR2Solving of Mathematical Problems 2, in Czech
MA2RC_MRU2Solving of Mathematical Problems 2, in Czech
CJ2BP_JPoJSome Facts on Language and Linguistics, in Czech
found: 3380 records, displayed 2821 - 2840