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This list presents courses whose teaching is supported by the employees of the department Faculty of Education

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term spring 2014 is 2876

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SP7BK_PSMOBody Psychotherapy, in Czech
SP4RC_OPRXBlockTeaching Practice, in Czech
SPSMP_PXS3Block Teaching Practice 3, in Czech
SP4BP_OX2Block Teaching Practice 2, in Czech
SPMK_OPRX2Block Teaching Practice 2, in Czech
N2M_PxS1Block Teaching Practice 1, in German
SP4MP_PXS1Block Teaching Practice 1, in Czech
SPSMP_PXS1Block Teaching Practice 1, in Czech
SP3MK_OPRXBlock Teaching Practice, in Czech
SP7MK_OPRXBlock Teaching Practice, in Czech
SPk1073nBlock Teaching Practice, in German
SPLBK_PPXSBlock Teaching Practice, in Czech
SPLBP_OX3Block Teaching Practice, in Czech
SPSPC_OPSBlock Teaching Practice, in Czech
OP3BK_VKBIBiology - selected topics - Lecture, in Czech
OP3BP_VKBIBiology - selected topics - Lecture, in Czech
UPV_0017Biology - selected topics - Lecture, in Czech
UPVK_0017Biology - selected topics - Lecture, in Czech
Bi2BP_BITEBiological technique, in Czech
Bi2MP_KZCTBiological and geological field praxis, in Czech
found: 2876 records, displayed 2601 - 2620