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This list presents courses whose teaching is supported by the employees of the department Faculty of Education

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term autumn 2014 is 2893

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ZS1BP_CjC3Contemporary Czech 3 - Syntax, in Czech
ZS1BK_CjC1Contemporary Czech 1 - Introduction, Phonetics and Phonology, in Czech
A2MK_SOBRContemporary British literature, in English
A2MP_SOBRContemporary British literature, in English
OV2BP_SKMContemporaneous Culturelogical Thought, in Czech
OV3BP_SKMContemporaneous culturelogical thought, in Czech
HV2BP_RDS2Conducting of Children Choirs 2, in Czech
HL3MP_VDSConducting of Children Choir 1, in Czech
TV1BP_TVMAConditional physical Training - Majorette, in Czech
TV1BP_TVAEConditional physical Training - dance fitnes, aerobics, in Czech
TV1BP_TVVBConditional physical Training-voleyball, basketball, in Czech
TV1BP_TVFFConditional physical Training-football, floorball, in Czech
SP4BP_SKOSComunication of Hearing Impaired, in Czech
DT2RC_3PVUComputers in teaching and learning, in Czech
FY2BP_POCFComputers in Physics Teaching, in Czech
CH2BP_5W9SComputers in Chemical Practice, in Czech
SC4BK_VyTeComputer technology, in Czech
TE2MP_TEPSComputer Network Technology, in Czech
TE2RC_TPSComputer Network Technology, in Czech
UOPK_2006Computer aid design, in Czech
found: 2893 records, displayed 2601 - 2620