Prof. MUDr. Ivan Rektor, CSc.

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Field of study: Neurology

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Štefánia Aulická (graduate 2014, topic: Neurocognitive networks of the executive functions)
  • Marek Baláž (graduate 2010, topic: Involvement of subthalamic nucleus in executive functions. Intracranial recording studies)
  • Martin Bareš (graduate 2002)
  • Martina Bočková (graduate 2011, topic: Cognitive brain processes in the light of intracerebral induced and evoked activities)
  • Jan Hadač (graduate 2008, topic: Language lateralization in children with epiletogenic lesions of the left hemisphere: an fMRI study)
  • Robert Kuba (graduate 2004)
  • Robert Mikulík (graduate 2007, topic: Therapy of ischemic stroke, thrombolysis, accelerated thrombolysis and its application through telemedicine)
  • Hana Ošlejšková (graduate 2008, topic: Epilepsia, epiletiform abnormalities, non-right-handedness, hypotonia and severe decreased IQ are associated with language impartment in autism)
  • Irena Rektorová (graduate 2004)
  • Barbora Sklenárová
  • Daniela Sochůrková (graduate 2006, topic: Oscilatory activity of human brain)
  • Ondřej Strýček
  • Klára Štillová (graduate 2015, topic: Memory processing in intracerebral recordings)
  • Branislav Veselý
Field of study: Neuroscience

supervisor of doctoral students

consultant of doctoral students

  • Michal Dufek (graduate 2015, topic: Role of Inflammation in Parkinson's Disease)