Prof. PhDr. Ivo Možný, CSc.

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Field of study: Sociology

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Barbara Dobešová (graduate 2012, topic: MotherIng. Professionalization of foster care observed by foster parent in SOS children village)
  • Tomáš Katrňák (graduate 2002)
  • Ľuba Kráľová (graduate 2000)
  • Michaela Kvapilová Bartošová (graduate 2012, topic: Deciding about motherhood in the life course of women over thirty)
  • Michal Nekorjak (graduate 2010, topic: "Interworlds": Organized Employing of Migrants from Ukraine in the Czech Republic)
  • Juraj Potančok (graduate 2015, topic: Perception of Fatherhood by Young Fathers in the Changing Contemporary Family)
  • Marcela Severová (graduate 2007, topic: Romany-Czech intermarriages as (non)problematic experience)
  • Pavel Šindlář (topic: Integration of the Japanese into the labour market and in other areas of life in the Czech Republic)
  • Hana Šlechtová (graduate 2008, topic: The Position and the Role of the Child in Family Socialization)
  • Jaromír Volek (graduate 2000)