Prof. RNDr. Milan Konečný, CSc.

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Field of study: Cartography, Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Květoslava Brátová (graduate 2005, topic: Legal Aspects of Geographic Data and Information Access)
  • Petr Duda (topic: Pervasive cartography: theory, methods and applications in the field of environmental noise data processing)
  • Richard Feciskanin (graduate 2009, topic: Optimization of triangulated irregular networks for georelief modelling)
  • Lucie Friedmannová (graduate 2000, topic: Transformation of Thematic Maps from Analogue to Digital Form (on Urban Planning Case))
  • Barbora Gajdošíková
  • Jiří Goláň (graduate 2003, topic: The Archeological Predictive Modelling Made with Help of Geographic Information Systems in the Area of Southeast Moravia)
  • Pavel Grochal (topic: Objectivization of electronic maps evaluation.)
  • Jiří Hladík (topic: Social networks and their potential for crisis management.)
  • Josef Chrást
  • Pavel Kolisko (graduate 2014, topic: The Fuzzy Models Theory and Their Exploitation for Development of Cycling Tourism in the South Moravian Region)
  • Jiří Kozel (graduate 2009, topic: Contextual Map Service)
  • Emil Kudrnovský (graduate 2009, topic: Land Information System for Regional Development of Tourism)
  • Jitka Kumhálová (graduate 2010, topic: GIS Utilization in Precision Agriculture)
  • Monika Mulková (graduate 2007, topic: Using of aerial photography for anthropogenic landscape changes in undermine areas)
  • Tomáš Peňáz (graduate 2001)
  • Andrea Petrová (graduate 2001, topic: Multitemporal Analysis of the Remote Sensing Data for the Creation of Land Use Maps on the Havraniky Comunity Cadastre)
  • Jan Popelínský (topic: Automated Cartographic Generalization.)
  • Jan Russnák (topic: Data and Information Mining from Old Maps.)
  • Tomáš Řezník (graduate 2008, topic: Metadatada flow in Crisis Management: concept to implementation)
  • Pavel Sedlák (graduate 2007, topic: Use of GIS technology for reconstruction of subsurface in the northern part of the Upper Moravian Graben)
  • Zdeněk Stachoň (graduate 2009, topic: Automated Text Placement on the Maps for Crisis Management)
  • Karel Staněk (graduate 2000, topic: Smoothing and Simplification of Line Features in the Automated Cartographic Generalization)
  • Hana Svatoňová (graduate 2005, topic: Digital Landscape Model: theory and application ( The Haraska catchment case study ))
  • Jiří Šmída (graduate 2007, topic: Proposal of conception and content of electronic Atlas of Liberecký kraj Region)
  • Radim Štampach (graduate 2010, topic: Exploratory geographical analysis of health data and its cartographical presentation)
  • Zbyněk Štěrba (graduate 2012, topic: Objectification and optimization of the evaluation of cartographic symbology for maps in crisis management)
  • Robert Tomas (graduate 2005, topic: The Concept and Development of the National Geological Map Database in Relation with the European and Global Spatial Data Infrastructure)
  • Martin Veselý (graduate 2007, topic: TopoXML - Exchange Format For Topological Data Structures)
  • Jiří Zbořil (graduate 2010, topic: Contextual cartographic visualization and its utilization in crisis management)