Prof. RNDr. Vladimír Sklenář, DrSc.

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Field of study: Bio-omics

consultant of doctoral students

  • Milan Hluchý (topic: Role(s) of novel transcriptional cyclin-dependent kinases in regulation of gene expression/DNA damage response)
Field of study: Biomolecular Chemistry

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Sreenivas Reddy Bathula (graduate 2013, topic: Molecular interventions of peptides and small molecules: A structural study)
  • Josef Chmelík (graduate 2009, topic: Three dimensional structure determination of a biopolymer using molecular dynamics and experimental restraints measured in isotropic media and oriented phases)
  • Karel Kubíček (graduate 2007, topic: NMR Charakterization of Protein - Protein and Protein - Cofactor Interactions)
  • Monika Kubíčková (graduate 2009, topic: NMR as a tool in studies of ligand-binding proteins)
  • Pavel Macek (graduate 2009, topic: Protein structure and function studied by NMR spectroscopy and MD simulations)
  • Michaela Matejková (topic: Role of NMR in structural studies of biological macromolecules without isotope lasels)
  • Marta Monincová (graduate 2007, topic: Functional charakterization and clasification of haloalkane dehalogenase)
  • Petr Novák (graduate 2010, topic: Computational tools for the analysis of biomolecular data obtained by NMR and molecular dynamics simulations)
Field of study: Organic Chemistry

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Lukáš Trantírek (graduate 2001, topic: NMR as a Tool for Structural Study of Nucleic Acids)
Field of study: Physical Chemistry

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Jiří Czernek (graduate 2000, topic: Ab initio calculations of NMR parameters)
  • Hana Křížová (graduate 2005, topic: NMR Study of Internal Dynamics of MUP-I)
  • Petr Padrta (graduate 2002, topic: Analysis of NMR Data for Structure Elucidation of Nucleic Acids)
  • Jana Přecechtělová (graduate 2010, topic: Torsion Angle Dependence of 31 P NMR Parameters in a Nucleic Acid Backbone Studied by Density Functional Theory)