Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Tomáš Brázdil, Ph.D.

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Field of study: Informatics

supervisor of doctoral students

consultant of doctoral students

  • Václav Brožek (graduate 2009, topic: Basic Model Checking Problems for Stochastic Games)
  • Vojtěch Forejt (graduate 2009, topic: Controller Synthesis for Markov Decision Processes with Branching - Time Objectives)
  • Jan Krčál (graduate 2014, topic: Formal Analysis of Discrete-Event Systems with Hard Real-Time Bounds)
  • Jan Křetínský (graduate 2014, topic: Modal Transition Systems: Extensions and Analysis)
  • Petr Novotný (graduate 2015, topic: Controller Synthesis for Resource-Aware Systems)