Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Jiřina Malá, CSc.

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Field of study: German Language

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Milada Bobková (graduate 2013, topic: Phraseologisms in an Artistic Text on the Example of Gallows Songs by Christian Morgenstern)
  • Tereza Frimmerová (topic: Gender Differences in the German Linguistics with the Particular Focus on the Contrastive Analysis between German and Czech Language)
  • Agnes Goldhahn (topic: National Specific Styles in Scientific Texts)
  • Jana Hofmannová (graduate 2005)
  • Pavla Matějková (graduate 2012, topic: Linguistic demonstration of trust-building potential. An exemplary analysis of texts produced by the Brücke/Most-Foundation)
  • Monika Matulová (graduate 2012, topic: Anglicisms in the austrian newsmagazine "News")
  • Elena Rusinková (graduate 2013, topic: Classical Journalism versus Online-Journalism)
  • Gabriela Rykalová (graduate 2004)
  • Patrick Schmitt (topic: Genderlect in the German Language - Gender-Oriented Language Analyses and Emerging Differences in the Genderspecific Use of Language)
  • Renata Šilhánová (graduate 2010, topic: Business letter as type of text. An exploration of specific features and a phraseological analysis)
  • Pavlína Tesařová (topic: The Language and Layout of Advertising. A Comparison of German and Japanese Advertising)
  • Lenka Večerka (topic: Terminology of the Security Sector)
  • Jaroslava Vondrášková (graduate 2007, topic: German banking language)

consultant of doctoral students