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This list presents courses whose supervising department is Department of History

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Arts in term Spring 2014 is 127

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HIB0399„Minorities“ in Communist Czechoslovakia 1948-1989, in Czech
HIA102Auxiliary Historical Sciences, in Czech
HIA118Bachelor's Minor Thesis, in Czech
HIA117Bachelor’s Thesis, in Czech
HIAK125Celebrations, ceremonies and rituals of the Late Middle Ages, in Czech
HIA270Církevní unie a rozkoly v evropském raném novověku, in Czech
HIAK124Commune municipal government in Moravia 1848-1948, in Czech
HIB0449Conflict or cooperation and symbiosis of "cultures" as a paradigma in historiographical texts, in Czech
HIA109bCzech History in the 19th Century, in Czech
HIA112bCzech History in the 20th Century, in Czech
HIA260Dějiny a kultura Romů a odborná praxe, in Czech
UZHI001IIDidactics of History, in Czech
HIAK116Dissertation (Bachelors), in Czech
UZHIA223Dissertation (Masters), in Czech
HIA119Dissertation supervision, in Czech
HIAK123Dissertation supervision, in Czech
HIA221IDissertation supervision I, in Czech
UZHIA221IDissertation supervision I, in Czech
HIA221IIDissertation supervision II, in Czech
UZHIA221IIDissertation supervision II, in Czech
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found: 127 records, displayed 1 - 20