1920Naming of the faculty’s first professors, Bohumil Navrátil elected as the first dean
1921Classes at the faculty begin
1923-1925Existence of the faculty endangered by saving measures enacted by the government
1925First honorary doctorate graduation at the faculty and at the University
1932Donation fund established for the benefit of the faculty thanks to a generous message from Leoš Janáček 
1933Proposal of the government’s economizing commission to close down the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University
1936Honorary doctorate given to the president Edvard Beneš by the faculty
1939The faculty closed down by the occupying forces
1939-1945Nine teachers from the faculty perish as a result of Nazi persecution
1945Classes resume after the war
1947Branch of the State Archive School established at the faculty
1948Within the framework of the post-February purge, fifteen students from the faculty expelled (mainly student clubs’ officials)
1949One quarter of students from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year expelled due to an initiative to verify student results
1950Establishment of departments following the Soviet model
1954Launch of archeological research organized by the faculty at an old-Slavic fort in Znojmo
1968Summer school of Slavic Studies introduced
1969-1971As a result of consolidation twenty teachers at the faculty made redundant
1986International Summer School of Museology (ISSOM) established
1995Journalism as a study field launched at the faculty
2002Construction of the faculty library finished