Information for Prospective Recruitment Representatives (Agents)

Masaryk University works with selected representatives (agents) all over the world for student recruitment. The agent’s primary role is to:

  • provide accurate information about the University and its programmes, relevant admission criteria, deadlines,
  • assist students with the application process and with verification of supporting documentation,
  • assist students in complying with formal requirements in applying for a student visa,
  • assist with travel, accommodation and pre-departure arrangements.

The University is very selective in its choice of agents in terms of location or market, number and quality of agents used. The number of appointments made is strictly limited.

If you wish to be considered as a registered agent, please direct your submission to the International Relations Manager responsible for Network Development at admission@czsdotmunidotcz.

The submission includes a formal questionnaire that provides essential information for us when engaging representatives. Please fill out the questionnaire as fully as possible, as this will best allow us to determine if you match the requirements for the University. The International Relations Manager will then be in touch to discuss possible cooperation with you in further detail.

Please note that the University works only with the established agent (has proved to work successfully in the past) that has knowledge of the Czech Republic and its education system or is actively interested in developing this.