Prof. PhDr. Lubomír Spurný, Ph.D.

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Field of study: Musicology

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Michaela Běhanová (topic: Musicological, sociological and pedagogical aspects of Helfert's concept of musicality and its development)
  • Jan Blahůšek (graduate 2010, topic: Iconographic documents of folk music in south-eastern Moravia)
  • Martin Celhoffer (graduate 2011, topic: Selected studies on current medieval music theory issues)
  • Vladimír Gärtner
  • Jan Karafiát (topic: Jaroslav Kvapil. The Thematic Catalogue of Compositions)
  • Silvana Karafiátová (topic: Bagpipes in the Balkans)
  • Jarmila Kazdová
  • Romana Klementová (topic: Musical Forms in Theoretical Writtings of Heirich Schenker and Arnold Schoenberg)
  • Simona Kostrhunová (topic: Chamber Works by Pavel Haas in a cultural context 20s and 30s of the 20th centur)
  • Lenka Kučerová (topic: Janáček's Organists School in the Context of the Music Education in Moravia in the 20th Century)
  • Zuzana Macháčková
  • Ondřej Pivoda (topic: The Storm of Vítězslav Novák. The issues of genesis, genre and reception)
  • Martin Polák (topic: Czech-finnish music relations)
  • Jan Žemla (topic: Jaromír Podešva - Life and work)