Prof. Mgr. Jiří Macháček, Ph.D.

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Field of study: Archaeology

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Adéla Balcárková (topic: Ceramics of the Post Great Moravian perion in the valley of Lower Dyje river)
  • Lenka Běhounková (topic: Development of pottery production in upper Podyjí region from early to high middle age)
  • Jarmila Bíšková (topic: Climate of Moravian Prehistory in the Relationship to Human and Environment)
  • Petr Dresler (graduate 2008, topic: The Fortification system of Pohansko near Břeclav)
  • Soňa Hendrychová (topic: Early medieval female jewel in Balkans)
  • Michal Hlavica (topic: Marks on bottoms of Great Moravian ceramic vessels as an instrument for understanding the economical and the political complexity of Great Moravia)
  • Libor Kalčík
  • Jan Kolář (graduate 2015, topic: Territoriality and Regional Aspects in the Final Eneolithic in Moravia)
  • Olga Lečbychová (topic: Archaeology and the metal detecting. The professional approach of archaeological community and a potential of the amateur community for archaeology of the 21st century)
  • Petr Luňák (topic: Early medieval axes from former Czechoslovakia)
  • Barbora Machová (topic: Archaeology of the River)
  • Mária Müllerová
  • Vojtěch Nosek (topic: Archaeological analysis by application of 3D reconstruction: New methods of classification of archaeological artefacts)
  • Pavla Pressová
  • Renáta Přichystalová (graduate 2012, topic: The Burial Issues in the Southern Bailey of Greatmoravian Stronghold Pohansko near Břeclav)
  • Marie Salvetová
  • Tomáš Tencer (topic: Integration, interpretation and validation of geophysical methods in archeological kontext)
  • Michal Vágner
  • Jiří Zubalík