Prof. PhDr. Petr Karlík, CSc.

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Field of study: Czech Language

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Mojmír Dočekal (graduate 2005)
  • Linda Doleží (graduate 2008, topic: Language Acquisition of Czech Phrasal Compartatives)
  • Veronika Kloudová (topic: Exceptive Constructions in Czech)
  • Ruth Konvalinková (graduate 2011, topic: Expression of Spatial Relationships in the Czech Language (Valency-Cognitive Analysis))
  • Petra Macurová (topic: Demonstrative pronouns in Czech and in Italian)
  • Vladimír Pfeffer (graduate 2010, topic: Finitiveness in the Czech language system)
  • Lucie Stehlíková (graduate 2010, topic: Morphosyntactic features of the -ni-/-ti- type deverbal nouns)
  • Roland Anton Wagner (graduate 2012, topic: Reflexive verbs in Czech and German - A prognosis of cross linguistic equivalences)