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Vyčerpávají aktuální entity všechny možné objekty?

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Original title:Vyčerpávají aktuální entity všechny možné objekty?
Title in English:Do Actual Entities Exhaust All Possible Objects?
Author:Radim Bělohrad
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Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:modal logic, possible worlds, individuals, flexible domains, Transparent Intensional Logic, proper names

This essay presents a comparison of modal theories with flexible and constant domain of individuals. What's called "the simplest quantified modal logic" represents the latter type. However, it has some controversial conseqences: the fact that all objects of discourse exist necessarily, and the fact that to every merely possible object there corresponds and actual one. These drawbacks are eliminated by the Kripke models, which postulate possible worlds with a flexible domain of objects. Proponents of TIL return to the theory with the constant domain and attempt to elucidate what mistakes lead Kripke's followers to the endorsement of models with the flexible domain, and explain away the alleged problems of the constatn domain. This work aims at clarifying the character of the attitude of TIL proponents and showing that the arguments for accepting the constant domain they provide are not completely satisfactory due to the role proper names play in their theory.