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Deskriptivní teorie vlastních jmen a realismus

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Original title:Deskriptivní teorie vlastních jmen a realismus
Title in English:The Descriptive Theory of Proper Names and Realism
Author:Radim Bělohrad
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Citation:BĚLOHRAD, Radim. Deskriptivní teorie vlastních jmen a realismus. Profil - Elektronický časopis pro filozofii, Brno: Katedra filosofie FF MU, 2000, roč. 2000, č. 1. ISSN 1212-9097.Export BibTeX
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Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:proper names, realism, descriptive theory of proper names

The aim of this essay is to show that the analysis of proper names in terms of the descriptive theory leads to the blurring of the difference between ordinary and fictive proper names. Since, I believe, the distinction is a valid one, the descriptive theory cannot be applied generally to all proper names.