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Language and Humour in the Media

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Original title:Language and Humour in the Media
Authors:Jan Chovanec, Isabel Ermida
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Original language:English
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Keywords:humour; media; humour studies; sitcom; blog; political humour; humour in translation; satire; spoof news; canned jokes; wordplay; conversational humour; cross-cultural humour

Language and Humour in the Media provides new insights into the interface between humour studies and media discourse analysis, connecting two areas of scholarly interest that have not been studied extensively before. The volume adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, concentrating on the various roles humour plays in print and audiovisual media, the forms it takes, the purposes it serves, the butts it targets, the implications it carries and the differences it may assume across cultures. The phenomena described range from conversational humour, canned jokes and wordplay to humour in translation and news satire. The individual studies draw their material for analysis from traditional print and broadcast media, such as magazines, sitcoms, films and spoof news, as well as electronic and internet-based media, such as emails, listserv messages, live blogs and online news.