Field of studyFrench Language and Literature

Double-subject studySingle-subject study
Type of studybachelor's
Language of instructionCzech
Standard length of studies3,0 years
Accrediteduntil 31. 8. 2019
Field of study code7310R054
Degree programme codeB7310
Offered byFaculty of Arts

Graduates in this study field are capable of dignified written and oral expression in French. They are equipped with detailed knowledge of social, political and cultural situation in France and other French speaking countries. They also have good knowledge of an other Romance language and area – according to their choice. Besides working in the field (translating, editorial work, publicity, tourism…), they may enter professions which demand the ability of independent and critical thinking, together with excellent diction in mother tongue and fluency in French language.

Entrance Examinations and E-Application

No open admission procedure was found.

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