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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Arts in term autumn 2014 is 3950

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VH_807Music History of Czech Lands I, in Czech
VHK_807Music History of Czech Lands I, in Czech
VH_51Music Notation on PC for Advanced Learners, in Czech
UJ_45Music of East Slavs, in Czech
VH_791Music of the 20th century in Slovakia, in Slovak
IMJ05Music Printing Works, in Czech
SHK02Music theory, in Czech
IMJ01Music Theory (for those who have not graduated from conservatories), in Czech
IMK106Music within New Media, in Czech
NJII_3855music workshop, in German
VHK_10Musical Forms, in Czech
VH_24Musical Paleography, in Czech
VH_24aMusical Paleography I, in Czech
VHK_11aMusical Paleography I., in Czech
VHDRF1Musicological Paper I, in Czech
VHDRF2Musicological Paper II, in Czech
VHDRF3Musicological Paper III, in Czech
VHDS2Musicological Seminar 2, in Czech
VHDS3Musicological Seminar 3, in Czech
VHDS4Musicological Seminar 4, in Czech
found: 3950 records, displayed 2441 - 2460