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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Arts in term Spring 2014 is 3950

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PGK32B58Pedagogy of Family, in Czech
PG42B86Pedagogy of Pre-school age, in Czech
PGK42B86Pedagogy of Pre-school age, in Czech
PB32JB64Penitenciary education, in Czech
PG51B100Penitenciary education, in Czech
DVMA003Performance Criticism Seminar, in Czech
DU0109Periods of Art History IV, in Czech
SIJ99Permanent seminar of functional-structural linguistics, in Czech
OJD99Permanent tutorial of functional-structural linguistics, in Czech
PH0123Personal Identity, in Czech
CJBA20Personal Names in Czech, in Czech
PGVCHJ5Personality training, in Czech
PSB_320Persuasion – theory and practice, in Czech
SIJ33Ph.D. Dissertation, in Czech
SIJ333Ph.D. Dissertation, in Czech
AJ34310Ph.D. dissertation seminar I, in English
AJ32061Ph.D. disssertation seminar I, in English
AJ32062Ph.D. disssertation seminar II, in English
AJ34320Ph.D. disssertation seminar II, in English
AJ32063Ph.D. disssertation seminar III, in English
found: 3950 records, displayed 2581 - 2600