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This list presents courses whose teaching is supported by the employees of the department Faculty of Arts

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Arts in term autumn 2014 is 3331

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IJIB501Practical Italian I - Level 1, in Italian
IJIB502Practical Italian I - Level 2, in Italian
IJIA010Practical Italian III, in Italian
IJIA020Practical Italian V, in Italian
REMgrB13Practical Language - Advanced, in Czech
REBcA07Practical Language I, in Modern Greek
REBcA09Practical Language III, in Modern Greek
REBcA11Practical Language V, in Modern Greek
UZAJ2034Practical Methodology II, in English
UZAJ5044Practical Methodology II, in English
MED61Practical modern Greek I, in Czech
MEDMgr07Practical modern Greek I, in Czech
MED63Practical modern Greek III, in Czech
NOI_16Practical Norwegian III/1, in Norwegian
PJA120Practical Polish - Communication Skills I, in Polish
PJA121Practical Polish - Elements of Polish Grammar I, in Polish
POIA001Practical Portuguese I, in Czech
ROMPOIBXPPractical Portuguese I B, in Czech
POIA013Practical Portuguese III, in Czech
ROMPOI2BXPPractical Portuguese III, in Czech
found: 3331 records, displayed 2261 - 2280