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This list presents courses whose teaching is supported by the employees of the department Faculty of Arts

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Arts in term autumn 2014 is 3263

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IJIIB954Textual grammar I, in Italian
AJ29086Textual practices in translation of North-American literatures, in English
FJ0B715The "Hussard" Literary Movement, in French
DU0102The ABC of the Art History II., in Czech
DU0101The ABC of the Art History I, in Czech
DU0206The ABC of the Art History II: The Sculpture, in Czech
PB12PB3The Adaptive Motivation Course, in Czech
PG15B8The Adaptive Motivation Course, in Czech
DU2557The Applied Arts I, in Czech
LJMgrB25The Arabian World in Antiquity and Early Middle Ages I, in Czech
BKA319The Balkans in the 20th Century II, in Czech
BA109The Baltic Studies Workshop, in Czech
DU1221aThe Baroque Sculpture in Italy, in Czech
AEB_22The Basics of Archaeology for Natural Sciences Students, in Czech
NJII_720The Bible in the German Literature and Culture, in Czech
HIA253The Byzantium and its commonwealth till the year 1453, in Czech
LJMgrB07The Classical Philosophy I, in Czech
LJBcB19The Criminal Law of Ancient Rome, in Czech
HIB0370The Czech Womens Movement in the First Half of 20th Century, in Czech
HIB0321IIIThe death of a Moravian feudal lord (Moravian feudal lord 1600 III), in Czech
found: 3263 records, displayed 2901 - 2920