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This list presents courses whose teaching is supported by the employees of the department Faculty of Arts

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Arts in term Spring 2014 is 3471

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SJIIA110Spanish Literature 1850-1914, in Spanish
UZSJ1A110XSpanish Literature 1850-1914, in Spanish
SJI2A018XSpanish Literature II, in Czech
SJIA018Spanish Literature II, in Czech
SJI3A025XSpanish Literature IV, in Spanish
SJIA025Spanish Literature IV, in Spanish
SJIIA117Spanish Literature of the 20th Century II, in Spanish
SJI2B032XSpanish Literature Seminar Paper II, in Czech
UZSJ1B204XSpanish Literature Seminar Paper VI, in Czech
SJ0B724Spanish Metrics, in Spanish
SJ0B724XSpanish Metrics, in Spanish
SJI2A016XSpanish Normative Grammar II, in Spanish
SJIA016Spanish Normative Grammar II, in Spanish
SJI1A006XSpanish Phonetics and Phonology, in Czech
SJIA006Spanish Phonetics and Phonology, in Czech
AEB_15Spatial Analysis and Modeling in Archaeology, in Czech
AED_07Special Course I, in Czech
AED_08Special Course II, in Czech
PSD_SpPSpecial Lecture, in Czech
DSDSP1Special Lecture I, in Czech
found: 3471 records, displayed 2901 - 2920