Modeling and simulation of complex systems

How to understand the world better

Why are we able to a rover to Mars, but we do not understand our own brains? Why is it difficult to predict weather or climate change? How can we stop the spread of an epidemic? And who controls a huge flock of birds flying south?

The term complex systems denotes serious issues such as climate change or the spread of AIDS, as well as common phenomena such as traffic congestion or movement of sheep in the herd. Using modeling we can better understand these systems, uncover their patterns and even successfully predict their behavior. Modeling complex systems is not just science, but to a large extent also art. A good model can change our view of the world and show that even simple rules can lead to complex behavior and that chance can be the basis of order. The book is intended for students, teachers and researchers in fields of informatics, natural and social sciences, and to those who interested in current scientific methods that lie at the boundary between traditional disciplines.

Modelování a simulace komplexních systémů - coverModelování a simulace komplexních systémů - cover


Author: Radek Pelánek
ISBN 978-80-210-5318-2
ISBN 978-80-210-5807-1 (online : pdf)
236 pages; paperback; 16 × 23 cm


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