Masaryk University in Brno

A Story of Education and Science in Central Europe

Masaryk University is a unique case in the history of tertiary education in 20th century. The history of this institution is a long consecution of efforts to obtain a right to exist, struggle for continuity of academic research and fight against undemocratic regimes. On the other hand this is a testimony of stubborn willpower to overcome difficulties, of ideals and ethos of European university tradition.

The book has two objectives: to celebrate 90th anniversary of Masaryk University and to open a debate about traditions, conditions and perspectives of tertiary education in modern Czech history. It aims at readers from Masaryk University, Brno and Moravia to commemorate both glorious and dark side of the history of alma mater. The authors also wanted to contribute to the debate about the place of university in society, about metamorphoses of science, tertiary education and university culture in dramatic and totalitarian 20th century in Czech Republic and Europe.

Masarykova univerzita v Brně. Příběh vzdělání a vědy ve střední EvropěMasarykova univerzita v Brně. Příběh vzdělání a vědy ve střední Evropě

Authors: Lukáš Fasora, Jiří Hanuš

ISBN 978-80-210-4850-8
272 pages
hardback with dust jacket
21 × 26 cm

Price: 607 Kč
Discount for students and employees of the Masaryk University.

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