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16 August - 03 September 2012
New e-book: Litter on the Shores of Bohemia

Litter on the Shores of Bohemia
Environmental Justice, European Enlargement, and Illegal Waste Dumping in the Czech Republic

Benjamin J. Vail

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The purpose of this book is to investigate the recent problem of illegal waste shipment from Germany to the Czech Republic from a sociological perspective. In addition to putting the issue in context by analyzing the waste-related policy implications of European enlargement, and the continuing problem of environmental injustice between European Union member states, an important thesis of this book is that waste management is a legitimate topic for sociological study. While waste may not be the most popular topic of research for social scientists, unique insights into social relationships and the environment can be gleaned from the study of waste systems. As we will see, the way that a society handles its waste can be seen as yet one more indicator of the health of its social and environmental relationships, and ultimately, of its social, ecological, and economic sustainability.

Masaryk University Press
145 p., e-book. ISBN 978-80-210-5928-3

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