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Přednosti a meze rodinného podnikání

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Original title:Přednosti a meze rodinného podnikání
Author:Pavla Odehnalová
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Format:148 x 210
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Publisher within MU:Faculty of Economics and Administration
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Citation:ODEHNALOVÁ, Pavla. Přednosti a meze rodinného podnikání. 1. vyd. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2011. 144 s. ISBN 9788021056039.Export BibTeX
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title = {Přednosti a meze rodinného podnikání},
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The main purpose of the publications is to highlight the differences in the development of family and non-family companies in the Czech Republic. The development of enterprises has been pursued within the first three phases of Greiner's theory of organisation growth – phase of creativity, leadership crisis and professional management. The work is divided into three methodological components. The first part deals with the analysis of research from abroad. The second part of verifying the transferability of results of foreign research in the Czech environment and the third part analyses a group of family business of manufacturing and construction industry. Knowledge of family businesses development over time was based on a comparison of the various methodological components. Main method of work is the multiagent simulation which was used for the modelling of business development at the time.