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Geografická konference na Pedagogické fakultě

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Original title:Geografická konference na Pedagogické fakultě
Title in English:Geographical Conference at the Faculty of Education
Authors:Libor Lněnička, Hana Svatoňová, Hana Svobodová
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Citation:LNĚNIČKA, Libor, Hana SVATOŇOVÁ a Hana SVOBODOVÁ. Geografická konference na Pedagogické fakultě. Informace České geografické společnosti, Praha: Česká geografická společnost, 2012, roč. 31, 2012/1, s. 55-56. ISSN 1213-1075.Export BibTeX
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Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:Geography, conference, Faculty of Education
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On 8 and 9 September 2011 was going at the Faculty of Education, MU international conference with name "Geography and Geoinformatics - challenge for practice and education." 19th annual international meeting of experts from academia, private sector and experts from the public administration was in the spirit of geography and geoinformatics application in practical life. Organization of the conference was directed by the Department of Geography Faculty of Education at MU. The conference was held after the 19th, while in its organization every year alternating Department of Geography Faculty of Education, MU and Department of Geography and Regional Development at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. The aim of this paper is to briefly inform about the activities of the conference.