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Business Management in the Czech Republic

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Original title:Business Management in the Czech Republic
Authors:Petr Suchánek, Radoslav Škapa, Ondřej Částek, Michael Doležal, Eva Švandová, Alena Klapalová, Lenka Jaterková, Petr Valouch, Eva Štěpánková
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Citation:SUCHÁNEK, Petr, Radoslav ŠKAPA, Ondřej ČÁSTEK, Michael DOLEŽAL, Eva ŠVANDOVÁ, Alena KLAPALOVÁ, Lenka JATERKOVÁ, Petr VALOUCH a Eva ŠTĚPÁNKOVÁ. Business Management in the Czech Republic. 2. vyd. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2008. 133 s. Skripta ESF MU, 2. ISBN 978-80-210-4662-7.Export BibTeX
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address = {Brno},
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publisher = {Masarykova univerzita},
title = {Business Management in the Czech Republic},
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Original language:English
Keywords:business; management; FDI; marketing; accounting; quality; m-commerce

The publication is made as cross-sectional, where it is blends all sorts of topics outspread to the business economy to students (mainly foreign) made complex review of actual problems of Czech enterprises and of an access used in their solving. In chapters are tuned properly practical findings with actual theoretical concepts. Chapters are organized with method, where it is proceeded from general findings, that they regard whole economy and macroeconomic relationships to the concrete problems, that they regard partial areas (resorts, companies). Problems are seen from view of business economy without respect to the optics of view (it means macro- or micro-scale).