Knowledge and technology transfer

The dissemination of knowledge acquired through research is one of main functions of any research university. In recent years advanced economies have placed great emphasis on transfer of new technologies and knowledge to the industrial sector. The main goals of these activities are increased competitiveness, regional development, and the general prosperity: quality research universities are an important link in the chain “education -> science, research and development -> investment -> transfer to industry -> product”. Transfer of technologies and knowledge is one of the major sources for financing science and research outside the grant system of the state budget.

In 2005 Masaryk University established its own Technology Transfer Office (CTT) for the purpose of supporting transfer of technology and knowledge. This university-wide department provides the institutional framework for external application of the results of research and development at MU, and is also the contact place for firms interested in working with MU in the areas of research and development, use of laboratory capacity, etc.

CTT services provided for MU departments:

  • methodological support for the authors of innovation when announcing their findings 
  • consultancy in the area of law and protection of intellectual rights
  • finding and paying for the services of patent representatives
  • presentation of result of MU research at exhibits, exhibitions, technology trade fairs, etc.
  • training of research workers in the area of innovative enterprise
  • organizing of expert consultation, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • help in publishing information on scientific projects in national and international databases
  • finding sources of financing, for start-up capital and the protection of intellectual rights
  • coordination for commercial use of MU special technologies laboratories
  • evaluation of demand for technologies
  • evaluation of commercial potential of innovation
  • coordination for license contracts
  • support for spin-offs

CTT services for firms:

  • presentation of research taking place at MU
  • offering technology for licensing
  • helping to arrange the use of research, development, and laboratory capacity
  • arranging consultations

CTT assistance for transfer of technology and knowledge:

  • publications
  • licensing
  • spin-offs
  • consultation

For more information, read Technology Transfer at MU brochure.