Knowledge and technology transfer

One of the principal duties of universities as centres of scholarship, besides imparting expert information to students, is to generate knowledge. High-quality research results as well as first-rate graduates are the main commodities a modern university provides to the society.

Moreover, managing its own research and development activities is a fundamental prerequisite which transforms a university into a true centre of science and knowledge and makes it stand apart from other schools, which merely pass on someone else's findings to students. Knowledge as a product of a university has a considerable economic value and constitutes its intellectual property.

In order to support technology and knowledge transfer, Masaryk University founded its own Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in 2005. The aim of this office is to support the cooperation of the scientific community with industry and to put MU's research results into practice. TTO is also a contact point for companies which are interested in cooperation with the university in the area of research and development, utilization of laboratories etc.

Services for MU

Intellectual Property

  • providing protection of intellectual property resulting from research
  • providing administrative and legal support to originators of inventions
  • cooperating on practical application of knowledge and technologies
  • dividing incomes from technology transfer
  • consulting in the area of intellectual property rights

Business Development

  • seeking commercial partners for contractual research
  • searching for financial resources to fund contractual research
  • negotiating and drafting contracts
  • supporting business innovations and starting spin-off companies
  • offering and selling technologies and knowledge (inventions, know-how, software etc.)

Promotion and Education

  • training scientists and students: intellectual property, business activities, project management
  • organizing seminars, workshops and consultations
  • presenting research results at conferences and fairs
  • presenting results of technology and knowledge transfer at Masaryk Universit

Financial Support

  • continuously accepting applications and providing subsequent financial support to verify or finish technologies in early stages of development. In case you are interested in these services, please contact TTO

Offer for Commercial Partners

  • offering technologies for licensing
  • seeking commercial partners for contractual research
  • providing assistance during preparation of grant applications, innovation vouchers etc.
  • searching for financial resources to support contractual research
  • utilizing research, development and laboratory capacities of MU
  • providing legal essentials for contractual research
  • providing expert consulting in the area of technology transfer
  • taking part in setting up effective protection of intellectual property
  • helping to organize student internships
  • providing commercial forms of education

The topic of technology transfer is also dealt with in the TTO handbook.