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Mythological Themes in the 17th Century Ceiling Paintings of Bohemia and Moravia in European Context

Project Identification:GPP409/12/P101
Project Period:1/2012 - 12/2014
Investor:link to a new windowCzech Science Foundation
Programme / Project Type:Postdoctoral projects -
MU Faculty/Unit:
Faculty of Arts
MU Investigator:Mgr. Radka Nokkala Miltová, Ph.D.
Field:AL - Art, architecture, cultural heritage (A - Social sciences)
Keywords:baroque art, ceiling painting, iconography, mythology, 17th century

Project is concentrated on the research of Bohemian and Moravian ceiling painting of 17th century with the mythological content. The main aspiration of the project is to involve those paintings in a wider European context. For these purposes there have been selected six objects with relatively complex decorations (Nové Město nad Metují, Holešov, Doudleby nad Orlicí, Štěkeň, Nový Hrad u Jimlína and Radíč). The aim of the project is not connected just with the more precise iconographical specication of various motives, but also with the wider cultural-historical context. One of the aspects of research is related to artwork orders background (patrons` aspirations, social status, nuptial politics, intellectual background etc.), then to the problem of suitability of the painting motives for particular residence rooms (within the early modern period theories of decorum) or to the relation to other European residences. The last field is connected mainly with the comparison with the prevailing graphic models, where for example the influence of French courtly graphics is remarkable.