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Estimating State Space Parameters

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Original title:Estimating State Space Parameters
Authors:Pavel Šimeček, Radek Pelánek
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Citation:ŠIMEČEK, Pavel a Radek PELÁNEK. Estimating State Space Parameters. In 7th International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Methods in verifiCation. 2008.Export BibTeX
author = {Šimeček, Pavel and Pelánek, Radek},
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Original language:English
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Keywords:state space; state space size; estimation

We introduce the problem of estimation of state space parameters, argue that it is an interesting and practically relevant problem, and study several simple estimation techniques. Particularly, we focus on estimation of the number of reachable states. We study techniques based on sampling of the state space and techniques that employ data mining techniques (classification trees, neural networks) over parameters of breadth-first search. We show that even through the studied techniques are not able to produce exact estimates, it is possible to obtain useful information about a state space by sampling and to use this information to automate the verification process.

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