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Practical experience with contextual map service

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Original title:Practical experience with contextual map service
Authors:Jiří Kozel, Radim Štampach
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Publisher within MU:Faculty of Science
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Original language:English
Field:Earth magnetism, geography
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:contextual map service; adaptive map; WMS; SLD; crisis management

Year ago, development of contextual map service called Sissi began. The purpose of this service based on OGC WMS specification is to implement the idea of contextual cartographic visualization into web environment, as it was introduced in previous research articles. Today, we have first functional prototype of Sissi, which was tested in November 2008 during the terrain experiment called Transport of Dangerous Load. This paper consists of five parts. The first part shortly introduces terms context, elementary context and contextual cartographic visualization. The second part deals with main principles of contextual map service and with practical creation of complex context structure. The next part focuses on assignment of map content and symbology to particular contexts, where the special attention is paid to map symbology described by OGC Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) specification and to map symbol library based on W3C XInclude specification. The fourth part of the paper is focused on the course of the experiment and on the possibility of using Sissi in real risk management. Finally, ideas about future development of Sissi, containing support of another two OGC specifications Web Map Context and Web Feature Service, are mentioned. This research has been supported by funding from Project No. MSM0021622418 (The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic) called Dynamic geovisualization in risk management.

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