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VirtCloud: Virtual Network for User-controlled Virtual Clusters

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Original title:VirtCloud: Virtual Network for User-controlled Virtual Clusters
Authors:David Antoš, Luděk Matyska, Petr Holub, Jiří Sitera
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Citation:ANTOŠ, David, Luděk MATYSKA, Petr HOLUB a Jiří SITERA. VirtCloud: Virtual Network for User-controlled Virtual Clusters. 2009.Export BibTeX
author = {Antoš, David and Matyska, Luděk and Holub, Petr and Sitera, Jiří},
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note = {CESNET technical report 1/2009},
title = {VirtCloud: Virtual Network for User-controlled Virtual Clusters},
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year = {2009}
Original language:English
Field:Computer hardware and software
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Type:Účelové publikace

Networking infrastructure is a vital part of virtual computer clusters. This report describes VirtCloud, a system for interconnecting virtual clusters in a state-wide network based on advanced features available in academic networks. The system supports dynamic creation of virtual clusters without the need of run-time administrative privileges on the backbone core network, encapsulation of the clusters, controlled access to external sources for cluster hosts, full user access to the clusters, and optional publishing of the clusters. The report describes architecture of the system, and prototype implementation in MetaCenter (Czech national Grid infrastructure) using Czech national research network CESNET2. Feasibility of the concept is evaluated through a series of measurements demonstrating that the network performance of the system is satisfactory.

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