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Marcel Thiry, une (r)évolution discrète du langage poétique.

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Original title:Marcel Thiry, une (r)évolution discrète du langage poétique.
Title in English:Marcel Thiry, a discreet (r)evolution of poetic language
Author:Ladislav Václavík
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Citation:VÁCLAVÍK, Ladislav. Marcel Thiry, une (r)évolution discrète du langage poétique. : Sens public: revue électronique internationale, 2008.Export BibTeX
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Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:contemporary Belgian poetry, poetic language

Marcel Thiry is one of the greatest, and also one of the least known, Belgian poets. Born in 1897, he began by writing poetry in the spirit of the French symbolism. However, discovering the works of Apollinaire, he immediately absorbed the modern world he lived in: his classicist poetry soon showed signs of modernity, in form as well as matter. Faithful to his credo, namely that "infraction constitutes the poetic act in itself", he belongs to those poets who, like his compatriot, Henri Michaux, shifted the limits of poetic language.