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Customer and Employee Views of Quality Attributes of Public Libraries

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Original title:Customer and Employee Views of Quality Attributes of Public Libraries
Authors:David Špaček, Růžena Lukášová, Svatava Nunvářová
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Original language:English
Field:Management and administrative
Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:Public Services; Public Libraries; Quality Management; Quality Criteria; Change Management

Based on empirical findings and the development of the service quality concept, service quality is now often believed to be the antecedent of customer satisfaction. The "user-based" approach towards the definition of quality is not only emphasized in the private, but also in the public sector. Accomplishment of such approach in practice requires certain level of accordance between client's and provider's understanding of the quality however. The paper presents the results of the qualitative research, the objective of which was to identify the degree of agreement on perceived quality attributes of employees and clients of public libraries. Quality attributes of librarian services were identified on the basis of individual interviews and views of both groups of respondents were compared. On the basis of the comparison potential risks were specified concerning the efficiency of reaching public libraries' clients satisfaction.

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