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Phenomenological ephemeris of the HgMn CP eclipsing variable AR Aurigae

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Original title:Phenomenological ephemeris of the HgMn CP eclipsing variable AR Aurigae
Authors:Zdeněk Mikulášek, Jozef Žižnovský, Světlana Hubrig, Miloslav Zejda, Juraj Zverko, Pavel Dubovský, Jerzy Kreiner, B. Albayrak, Stanislaw Zola, Waldemar Ogloza, Jan Janík, Tomáš Gráf, Igor Kudzej
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Original language:English
Field:Astronomy and astrophysics
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:eclipsing star; chemically peculiar star; AR Aur star;

The eclipsing binary AR Aurigae consists of a chemically peculiar HgMntype primary and a secondary before the ZAMS. It shows a well defined light time effect proving the presence of a third body in the system. Aiming at refining the ephemeris of its light curve we determined 55 primary and secondary minima times of ARAur based on our observations. These represent 17 482 individual photoelectric measurements which were treated simultaneously by a specifically developed code. The list of minima was completed with 39 additional minima found in the literature. Analysing all the data we established a new "phenomenological ephemeris" (P1,2 = 4.1346656(8) d, P3 = 23.50(12) y) allowing a swift phase prediction.

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