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UltraGrid 0.9

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Original title:UltraGrid 0.9
Authors:Martin Pulec, Martin Šrom, Petr Holub, Jiří Matela
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Citation:PULEC, Martin, Martin ŠROM, Petr HOLUB a Jiří MATELA. UltraGrid 0.9. 2011.Export BibTeX
author = {Pulec, Martin and Šrom, Martin and Holub, Petr and Matela, Jiří},
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Original language:English
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Keywords:high-defintion video; low-latency transmission; 2K; 4K; GPU; DXT; compression

Low latency high-defintion and post-high-definition video transmission. This version adds support for tiled 4K video, Portaudio, Jack, HDMI and HD-SDI audio, 3D video, GPU accelerated DXT1 and DXT5 compressions.

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