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Personal Growth in Adults With Chronically Ill Child

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Original title:Personal Growth in Adults With Chronically Ill Child
Authors:Alena Slezáčková, Marek Blatný, Martin Jelínek, Tomáš Kepák, Irena Vlčková, Veronika Sobotková
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Citation:SLEZÁČKOVÁ, Alena, Marek BLATNÝ, Martin JELÍNEK, Tomáš KEPÁK, Irena VLČKOVÁ a Veronika SOBOTKOVÁ. Personal Growth in Adults With Chronically Ill Child. In Second World Congress on Positive Psychology. 2011.Export BibTeX
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keywords = {stress-related growth; childhood cancer; positive psychology},
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title = {Personal Growth in Adults With Chronically Ill Child},
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Original language:English
Type:Conference abstract
Keywords:stress-related growth; childhood cancer; positive psychology

The study deals with the stress-related personal growth in adults whose children completed oncological treatment. 120 respondents entered the study within 2006-2009 and gave their description of positive and negative influence of child's illness on particular life domains. Positive changes at least in one domain of stress-related growth stated 107 respondents (91%). Most respondents (30%) experienced growth in 3 domains: interpersonal relations (29%), changes in value system (25%) and self perception and self-actualization (20%). Generally, more positive than negative aspects were given by 74% of respondents. Statistically significant relations with the predominance of given positive aspects over negative ones were determined with respect to respondents' age, time lapsed from the completion of child's treatment and level of seriousness of late effects of the treatment.