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Providing of Municipal Library Services as Factor of Knowledge-Based Economy: Czech Example

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Original title:Providing of Municipal Library Services as Factor of Knowledge-Based Economy: Czech Example
Author:Vilém Pařil
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:Knowledge-based economy; municipal library services; municipal budget; service evaluation; local development
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The subject of the following article lies in library services provided by municipalities and its inferior institutions. The key objective is an analysis of library service sector as one of the factor of information society in knowledge-based economy. This article will be based on the sample of 47 municipalities and their municipal libraries that provide service in the region of South Moravia in the Czech Republic. Assumption of this analysis is to identify the size of the municipality sample that are analyzed, which takes into account the administrative criterion, legislatively embodied in the Czech law on municipalities, which sets the limit of three thousand people to be able to reach the status of the town. The maximum size of population in analyzed sample is reached by the city of Brno that is the regional center of around 400 thousand citizens. This range will be respected, and therefore municipalities included have rather urban character that can provide more services both in individual and delegated power. The analysis is aimed on the performance of library services, as well as municipal library service fundraising and their financial position in the municipality budget with emphasis on its potential impacts on local and regional development.

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