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A Child at Risk

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Original title:A Child at Risk
Author:Zdeňka Králíčková
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Citation:KRÁLÍČKOVÁ, Zdeňka. A Child at Risk. In Parents and Children - an Evolving Relationship. 2012.Export BibTeX
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Original language:English
Field:Law sciences
Type:Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
Keywords:a child at risk - protection - status - property - domestic violence

A minor child often gets endangered due to an objective unfavorable situation but also due to a pathological conduct of his/her parents. As for the legalizing of hidden births or the establishing of surrogate motherhood in the new Civil Code we may state that both institutes give mothers rights regardless of their children’s rights and legally protected interests. Fathers’ rights are often omitted completely. The fact that the situation of minors endangered by domestic violence is not explicitly regulated, especially in connection with divorce or (forced) separation of their parents, brings about a number of problems in practice. This benefits no one – especially the endangered minors.

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