The Spectrum of Research and Development at MU

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Scientific research is one of the top priorities of Masaryk University. In the course of last decades MU has attained a leading position in competitions for research grants, and is developing tools for the transfer of knowledge while improving overall support for research and innovation. The University is also making considerable financial investments in its new university campus to enhance its research and teaching capacity.

Excellence in research activity ranges from natural sciences and medical fields to social sciences and humanities. Obtaining effective research results as well as reaching a level enabling the university to compete in a European research context on a regular basis are both among MU's high-priority areas. A concept supporting team research as well as project research is in full compliance with these areas.

Team research is becoming increasingly effective thanks to the fact that research units based at the Faculties of Science, Medicine and Sports Studies are now all located at the University Campus at Bohunice. Outstanding results achieved by participants of long-term research plans, research centres, and primary research centres alike are a clear indication of the high quality of team research at Masaryk University.

The very fact that virtually all fields of study found at MU including the humanities and social sciences are currently participating in a corresponding large-scale research project is an indication of the stability, high quality and balanced nature of research activities at MU.

More information about research and development at faculties of Masaryk University: