Faculty of Science (pouze anglicky)

The Faculty of Science was founded in 1919. It provides 153 accredited fields of studies in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programmes in the scientific fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, and Earth Sciences. At present there are nearly 4,500 students studying at the faculty.

Contact information

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Kotlářská 267/2
611 37 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 549 49 1411
Fax: +420 541 211 214

Detailed information on R&D areas and projects:



In the area of biology, the Faculty of Science’s departments focus on studies of biodiversity and ecosystems as well as animal and plant cell research and parasitology.

Selected projects solved in this area:

  • Ichtyoparasitology - center of basic research – foundation of the Ichtyoparasitology Research Centre as a base for close collaboration of three subjects to study complex relationships among various groups of fish parasites in relation to their environment.


Chemistry, biochemistry and
biomolecular chemistryback

In the area of chemistry, biochemistry and biomolecular chemistry, the Faculty of Science’s departments focus on biomolecular interactions, structures, the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), sophisticated bioanalytical technologies for microanalysis and diagnostics. They innovate rehabilitation technologies for soil, groundwater and surface water, etc.

Selected projects solved in the area of chemistry:

Selected projects solved in the area of biochemistry:

Selected projects solved in the area of biomolecular chemistry:



The Geological Department’s focus the research on geological processes in the earth’s crust as well as on its surface, and environmental processes controlling living conditions, mainly in regions polluted by industry. The research includes such themes as geodynamic development, evolution of magmatic and metamorphic complexes, phanerozoic evolution, the migration and mobility of inorganic pollutants in the environment, geoarchaeology, landscape development, and technical petrology.



In the area of Geography, the Faculty of Science’s researches focus on studies of Dynamic geovisualization in crises management. Masaryk University owns a very unique polar station in Antarctica where Czech scientists investigate together with their foreign colleagues.

Selected projects solved in this area:

  • ERA-NET EUROPOLAR - research in Antarctica (together with the Department of Biology) – the J. G. Mendel Antarctic Station is situated on the James Ross Island. The station belongs to Masaryk University. It is one of the superb research projects, unique in the worldwide basis. Experts from various research areas such as geology, glaciology, hydrology, climatology, analytical and organic chemistry, geochemistry, taxonomy, soil biology, biodiversity, plant ecophysiology, stress physiology, etc. participate in the research.



Within the research in the mathematic area scientists of the Faculty of Science develop and deepen algebraic, geometric and analytic approaches and try to connect mathematics with physics, computer sciences, medicine and lots of other scientific areas.

Selected projects solved in this area:



In the area of physics, the Faculty of Science’s departments focus on studies of selected materials and layered structures, in particular of their optical response and structural properties, and on the research and application of low-temperature plasma and ionized gases. Among other research topics there are theoretical physics, both basic and advanced mathematical methods for physics, or astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.

Selected projects solved in this area:


Collaborative foreign entitiesback

  • Aalborg University [DK]
  • Australian National University, Canberra [AU]
  • Bar Illan University [IL]
  • Comenius University in Bratislava [SK]
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro [BR]
  • Free Unviersity of Brussels [BE]
  • Ghent University [BE]
  • Harvard University [US]
  • Hokkaido University [JP]
  • Chinese Culture University [CN]
  • Chubu University [JP]
  • Johannes Kepler University Linz [AT]
  • Lund University [SE]
  • Nankai University [CN]
  • Ohio State University [US]
  • Oregon State University [US]
  • Paris Sorbonne University [FR]     
  • Saint Petersburg State University [RU]    
  • Stanford University [US]    
  • Technical University of Munich [DE]         
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [HK]      
  • The University of Auckland [NZ]   
  • Tohoku University [JP]       
  • University of Cambridge [UK]       
  • University of Antwerp [BE] 
  • University of Arizona [US]
  • University of Barcelona [ES]        
  • University of Bari [IT]        
  • University of Bern [CH]      
  • University of Bonn [DE]     
  • University of Bristol [UK]    
  • University of California, San Diego [US]
  • University of Coimbra [PT] 
  • University of Colorado [US]
  • University of Connecticut [US]      
  • University of Cordoba [ES] 
  • University of Davis [US]     
  • University of Edinburg [UK]
  • University of Florence [IT]  
  • University of Gavle [SE]     
  • University of Gdansk [PL]
  • University of Gothenburg [SE]      
  • University of Graz [AT]      
  • University of Greifswald [DE]       
  • University of Groningen [NL]        
  • University of Houston [US] 
  • University of Innsbruck [AT]        
  • University of Jyvaskyla [FI]
  • University of Kansas [US]
  • University of Leipzig [DE]
  • University of Lille [FR]       
  • University of Ljubljana [SI] 
  • University of Manitoba [CA]
  • University of Michigan [US] 
  • University of Nantes [FR]
  • University of Nijmegen [NL]
  • University of Palermo [IT]  
  • University of Pecs [HU]      
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia [US]      
  • University of Sao Paolo [BR]        
  • University of Saskatchewan [CA]
  • University of Szeged [HU]
  • University of Tennessee [US]       
  • University of Ulm [DE]       
  • University of Utah [US]      
  • University of Uzhgorod [UA]
  • University of Valencia [ES] 
  • University of Vienna [AT]
  • University of Warsaw [PL]  
  • University of Western Cape [ZA]
  • University of Zululand [ZA] 
  • York University [CA]