Faculty of Social Studies

The Faculty of Social Studies was established in 1998. It focuses on the fields of Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, European Studies, Psychology, Media Studies and Journalism, Social Policy and Social Work, and Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, Social Anthropology and Strategic and Security Studies (at Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral). Nowadays, the number of students is approximately 4,300.

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Joštova 218/10
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 549 49 1911
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Detailed information on R&D areas and projects:


Political scienceback

Two study programs are being taught within the Department: Political Science and Security and Strategic Studies. Political Science Unit focuses on comparative politology, modern analysis of politics, modern politics’ philosophy, political participation etc. Security and Strategic Studies Unit shapes in complex socioscientific security conception, and it pays special attention to security and security politics of the Czech Republic, and to research of extremism and political violence.

Fields of interests with selected projects solved in this area:         



Members of the Department participated in international projects regarding psycho-social development of adolescents, in several projects dealing with educational and instructional task of the school, and projects dealing with the problems concerning family life and partner relationships. In regard to the social psychology, a long-term research interest is focused on psychological and social characteristics of children, youth, and their families. Further relevant research projects have been focused on different aspects of social life (e.g. social representations of democracy, social responsibilities, trust, gender stereotypes, identity and self-development). Recently, the influence of computers, the Internet and related technologies on the individual, family and society are analyzed.

Fields of interests with selected projects solved in this area:



Apart from basic topics in sociology (including sociological theory, history of social thought, and methodology), the Department focuses on various other related fields. These include civil society and public opinion, cultural changes in the globalization process, social problems (inequality, poverty, unemployment), and family and social aspects of demographic processes (mainly population and the needs of an aging society).

Fields of interests with selected projects solved in this area:


Social policyback

Members of the Department focus on development of focal concepts of Social Policy and Social Work such as social problems, social policy programmes, social functioning, life situation, approaches and paradigms in social work, marginalization, social exclusion etc. and deal with integration of social work and social policy theories and procedures.

Selected project solved in this area:


Collaborative foreign entitiesback

  • Central European University [HU]
  • European Consortium for Political Research [UK] 
  • International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), Stockholm [SE]
  • Pennsylvania State University [US]
  • Sapienza University of Rome [IT]  
  • Technical University Chemnitz [DE]
  • Technical University of Dresden [DE]       
  • University of Bremen [DE] 
  • University of East London [UK]     
  • University of Essex [UK]    
  • University of Konstanz [DE]
  • University of Manchester [UK]      
  • University of Mannheim [DE]        
  • University of Munich [DE]   
  • University of Regensburg [DE]      
  • Yale University [US]