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This list presents courses whose supervising department is Department of Physical Electronics

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Science in term Autumn 2014 is 95

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F3011Physics, philosophy and thinking 1, in Czech
FB100Plasma chemical processes, in English
F5170Plasma physics, in Czech
F7241Plasma physics 1, in Czech
F5190Practical electronics, in Czech
F3500Practical solving of physics problems, in Czech
XS110fPresentation Seminar 1, in Czech
XS310fPresentation Seminar 3, in Czech
F7050Quantum electronics - lasers and masers, in Czech
F9431Secondary school physics in exercises 1, in Czech
FB240Selected chapters from plasma physics, in Czech
F1620Self-made Mechanics, in Czech
FB051Seminar from diagnostics and modeling of plasma, in Czech
F6710Seminar of Department of Physical Electronics, in Czech
FB041Seminar on plasma deposition and material characterization, in English
F7661School experiments laboratory 1, in Czech
F9420School experiments laboratory 3, in Czech
F7560Simulation using Monte Carlo method, in Czech
F7700ESpecialized practice in Physics, in Czech
FSB05State examination Bc, Astrophysics, in Czech
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found: 95 records, displayed 61 - 80