1920Announcement of the first professors at the faculty, Bohumil Kužma elected as the first dean
1921Classes at the faculty begin
1922Biological Centre of Czech Universities in Brno established in Lednice 
1926Graduation of the first honorary doctorate at the faculty awarded to František Vejdovský
1931Opening of a new building for the Institute of Analytical Chemistry
1933Proposal of the parliamentary economy and controlling commission to close down the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts at MU
1934Association of Czechoslovak Students in Brno demonstrate against the intended closure of the faculties at Masaryk University
1935Vladimír Úlehla (Institute of Plant Physiology) shoots a film series Plant Moves using collecting technology – classic artwork of Czech scientific cinematography
1939Faculty closed down by occupying forces, the site comes under the control of the German powers in Brno
1939-1945One-fourth of the teachers from the faculty perish as a result of Nazi persecution
1945Classes at the faculty resume
1945Faculty allocated the building on Janáček Square 2a
1945Study programme of pharmacy introduced at the faculty
1947Ceremonial unveiling of a memorial at the faculty for the victims of Nazi persecution
194928 percent of the students from the 2nd – 4th years expelled due an initiative to verify student results
1950Establishment of departments according to the Soviet model
1962Study field structure of the faculty designated
1964Summer School of Set Theory and General Algebra organized for the first time (later called School of Algebra and Ordered Sets)
1968Research Institute of Computer Science established
1969-1971During a period of consolidation 21 employees of the faculty made redundant
1980Research Institute of Computer Science removed from the faculty and becomes the University Institute
1997New greenhouses opened in the Botanical Garden
2001National Centre for Biomolecular Research established
2005New building of the Information Centre at the faculty finished