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Biologically Active Organic Compounds Interacting with Adenine-binding Proteins (bioactivecpds)

Project Identification:230936
Project Period:1/2010 - 4/2015
Investor:link to a new windowEuropean Union
Programme / Project Type:7th Specific RTD Programme - People
MU Faculty/Unit:
Faculty of Science
MU Investigator:Mgr. Kamil Paruch, Ph.D.

Proposed are rational design and synthesis of novel patentable organic compounds that are envisioned to be active against various adenine-binding proteins, e.g. kinases. The structures contain heterocyclic cores relatively unknown in the literature and will mimic interactions of purine-containing biological substrates (especially ATP) with proteins that are relevant in oncology. The compounds will be synthesized by modern methods of organic synthesis, namely by ring-closing metathesis and will be profiled in biological asssays that include diverse biological targets, especially those that are relevant to the treatment of cancer.