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V1494 Aquilae

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Original title:V1494 Aquilae
Authors:A. Retter, L. Cook, R. Novák, J.M. Saxton, L.T. Jensen, J. Janík, D. Korčáková
Further information
Citation:RETTER, A., L. COOK, R. NOVÁK, J.M. SAXTON, L.T. JENSEN, J. JANÍK a D. KORČÁKOVÁ. V1494 Aquilae. IAU Circular, 2000, roč. 78, č. 7537, s. 1.Export BibTeX
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journal = {IAU Circular},
title = {V1494 Aquilae},
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year = {2000}
Original language:English
Field:Astronomy and astrophysics
Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:V1494 Aql

Analysis of 31 nights of CCD photometry of V1494 Aql during 2000 June-August suggests a periodicity of 0.13467(2) day.